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News Fairies Interview
January 17, 2015

Black socks, check. Crisp white undershirt, check. Patent leather shoes, check. Nightstick, check. Handcuffs, check. “F**kin A! This one’s my kind of gig,” he croons. The mechanics of escorting, like all facets of life, have been evolving at a high rate of speed. Thanks to the advancements of technology in the age of social media, the modern escort has many opportunities to safely bask in the LCD limelight that yesterday’s escort could only dream about. Into this maelstrom enters Las Vegas’ newest Sir-for-hire, Miles Previtire.


Q: So tell me Miles, why Las Vegas?


A: Um, (thinks) the Convention Centers (laughs). Look, Vegas is the living embodiment of action. The American Dream made real. Professionals of all stripes end up here at least once a year, many for more than that. People come here for a good time and are not only willing to pay for it but expect to do so. This is a perfect environment for me – and one I expect to thrive in.

Q: Duly noted. Las Vegas is legendary for being a bit of tight rope, scene wise. Excessive partying, gambling, and spending is encouraged yet the police and casino security forces are known for being “gr­­­­­uff.” Did you know anyone here or were you already familiar with the atmosphere here?


A: (Chuckles) Yeah, everyone knows Las Vegas is not for the weak. It’s sink or swim here, and I like yachts. That said, I have a very reliable screening process that I have perfected in my time at this. I have honed my common sense into a real instinct of reading people, not only if they are “safe” to take on but if there would be real chemistry and compatibility. I only accept one booking a day maybe four days a week. I’m as busy as I want to be. I don’t work unless I’m feeling like it. Otherwise, only one of us has a good time and it isn’t me. Many would probably tell you that defeats the purpose. (Laughs.)


Q: You mention honing your instincts and craft. Can you take me back to your first escorting job?


A: My first job was a race play scene with a really nice black guy who wanted me to treat him like a slave. I will admit I was apprehensive. I remember talking to him extensively to find out exactly what he wanted and why. He wanted to be abused like a slave might’ve been abused by his master back in the day. He wanted me to call him a fag**t and a nig**r.


Q: How did you prepare for this??


A: I did it under the guise of the master of a plantation, or massa, or whatever. From the minute I walked into the place I owned it. And him, too. What a great first experience!


Q: So you experienced no awkwardness, then?


A: No. It felt like I was playing myself. It always does, really. I just do what feels right. I love the chemistry between the gay guy who considers himself a fag and the alpha-male with a stiffy in his pocket, ready to use whoever to get his rocks off. It’s you bottom, me top, and never shall the two switch off. Not together or apart. Well, at least for me, I’m always on top.


Q: You’re saying you’ve never been a submissive?


A: No, I never have. I’ve never even given a handy during a massage. I’m a pretty black and white guy. I don’t have a versatile bone in my entire body.


Q: This is fascinating to me, as is the process of acquisition. How did you find them or vice versa?


A: Typically, Rentboy or Rentmen.com. I f**king hate Men4RentNow. You know they banned me?

Q: Whatever for?


A: Well, honestly, they never said. They just rejected my submission, refunded my credit card and told me I was never invited to advertise on their site again. At the time, they were a competing site to Rentboy. They’re not anymore. The site is so poorly managed the bottom fell out from under them. Probably the same bottom that banned me. No really, they’ve been dwarfed by competing sites that just love the hell out of me and now I don’t care. But I’m pretty sure those motherf**kers banned me for advertising “rape” as one of my services. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that did it. Anyway, I ended up fine. I’m pretty sure I have more fans on Twitter. (Laughs.)

Now, Miles has not been an escort for very long.  In fact, he left a rather lucrative career in Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Sales.


Q: Why would you leave a dream career in those fields for the world of adult entertainment?


A: Well, I actually left the music industry for corporate America, first. I had a deal with Warner West End as the singer in an alternative rock band.


Q: What band?


A: You won’t find the cd. Don’t bother. I bought every copy and set them on fire back in the 90s (when this happened). (Laughs) No, but really. I experienced a very mind-broadening life-change about three years ago while working in capital medical equipment sales. I won’t get into details, but suffice to say I was educated on the bleakness of the corporate world. With this I suffered an expansion, I guess you could say. One that drove me to get as far from corporate America as I could possibly go. Escorting seemed like a good distance.  Got me out of the cold f**king midwest and a cold, corporate hell. Two birds with one stone.


Q: How would you compare Midwest gigs to West Coast gigs?


A: Very different. There’s more money flowing through the room here. Enough to buy whatever you want. Some of these guys have exhausted a lot of their fantasies. What’s left is some really over-the-top sh**. I’m just the guy to give it to them. I’m not naturally violent in the bedroom. Like my father, I use my inherent authority as a man to get what I want. Not force. This is the number one misconception about me.Guys are afraid to hire me…all the time, I hear it. Afraid I’m too rough or forceful. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. I certainly have the capacity to be forceful. And Vegas…well. I just finished my most violent scene to date at the SLS last month. But my natural demeanor doesn’t involve unnecessary violence or force. If my client is a devoted co******er who knows his place, there isn’t any need for all that. Unless, of course, it’s requested.


Q:  Now this might feel like a cliché of a question but I would hate to leave it unasked. Is there any history of sexual trauma in your childhood?

A:  I’ve pretty much blocked out any traumatic memories from my youth. (Chuckles) Any distinctive memories center around my father.


Q:  What was your relationship like with him?


A: Complex.  He remarried when I was very young. My stepmother was a weak woman. The kind who can’t deal without a man in her life. A real role-model for women. They shared a very strange dynamic. But their interaction was very influential on me.


Q: How so?


A: Well, I watched my father play king of his castle until the time I was old enough to have a castle of my own. He worked a lot. But when he came home, everything stopped for him. I remember he’d swagger in like some Casanova to the Gestapo. I say Casanova because no doubt, he was a sexy bastard. Women loved him. And he loved them back. But he had the grace of a Nazi. He’d spout off demands to his wife once he was in the door. Get me my tea. Get me a beer. Where’s my dinner?


Q: Did his demeanor with the family or you personally ever veer towards the violent or uncontrolled?


A: Oh no. Not at all. He was as cool as can be. It was more just matter-of-fact to him. It was like, you’re my wife. You’re the woman. I’m the man. Make the tea. There wasn’t anything to yell about. He wasn’t asking her for a favor. He wasn’t shouting commands. He was asking her to do her job. This was my biggest childhood influence.


Q: More about your influences: Any from the Mainstream or Fringe Porno “Scenes”?


A: (Thinks for a second) Paul Morris was really the only influential component out of gay culture. I found a rack of his movies once at a porno shop. This was long before I’d ever had any experiences that involved the same sex. I was completely ignorant about gay sex. I think I was like 22 or 24 or something. I remember feeling really uneasy but also, strangely connected with the “tops” in the movies. Like, later when I watched the videos…I was rooting for the dominant tops who were using the queers. To me, there was little difference between those guys and the guys in the straight pornos of that nature that I had seen. Jon Dough, Vince Voyeur, those guys. Standing there, reading the backs of his (Paul’s) videos. The pictures and descriptions. I thought, my god, these fag**ts know no limits.This, to me, was the way it was. From then on, he would define gay sex for me.


Q: Do you have any expectations for HustlaballLV?


A: (Laughs.) I have no f**king idea.

Q: How will you maintain authority in that setting? With your peers? Some more seasoned than you?


A: Ahh…and that’s just it. The key to success in this industry, in any industry, in most of life, even…is knowing your place. It brings me back to asserting force. It brings me back to setting the platform. If I walked around acting like a bada** all the time, not only would it make me annoying, but it would also imply that maybe I wasn’t really a bada** at all. A man who is secure in his authority and his masculinity and secure in himself overall, doesn’t feel upstaged by the guy next to him. He doesn’t consider him a competitor. He observes. He acts accordingly. His response is appropriate to the setting into which he’s placed himself. I plan to have a good time. Meet some of the fans who absolutely just f**king love me. Have some drinks and go home.


Q: I’ve read your Twitter. Your followers have a very strong devotion to you. At times,  it almost seems unnaturally strong. Ready to jump in front of bullets to save you from one.  What do you think about that?


A: I think they’ve been trained well. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Miles encourages all his fans to check him out on Rentboy. (we can’t provide the link but you know where it is…)