Previtus Media Refund Policy


Applications for refunds are only accepted within 48 hours of purchase. Previtus Media reserves the right to review each request on a per case basis. Terms and conditions are subject to change at our discretion. The following conditions apply.

Note: If you believe you have been erroneously billed, you must notify website of such erroneous billing within 30 days of said charge, or the charge shall be considered valid.


Blind refunds will not be considered unless they involve technical downloading or viewability issues.

In the event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we are open to providing reasonable accommodations including (but not limited to) refunds, film-viewing alternatives, etc. Careful consideration will be given for the submission of thoughtful and valid critiques of the piece of work in question as part of your request.


To submit your request for a refund or exchange, we require the following:

– An email containing the details of your purchase, including (if possible) transaction ID, date of purchase, name of film, and any other applicable proof-of-purchase information, including screenshots of checkout/receipt page, etc.

– A thorough and detailed explanation of your dissatisfaction with the film in question. Your explanation MUST INCLUDE the following:

1. The plot of the film in question as you understood it, including (but not limited to) the framing storyline as well as any subplots, mid-episode storyline introductions, and cliffhangers or any other details. If appealing content from the series Hate Crime Porno, your synopsis need not explain any preceding storylines connected to the episode, as Hate Crime Porno is produced in an episodic format spanning multiple installments. (For that reason, and for the purpose of maximum viewing enjoyment, we recommend viewing installments in sequential order as reflected below:)

Hate Crime Porno – Episode I – Tell Me You Love Me
Hate Crime Porno – Episode II – Love Wins
Hate Crime Porno – Episode III – Love In The Key Of H

References to such particulars as character development, pivotal storyline developments, memorable quotes* are acceptable illustrations of what we call “Viewer Attentiveness”.

2. Identification of any characters appearing in the episode in question. References may be made using name of character or actor’s professional name, or actor’s description. References to Miles Previtire are not valid and may result in disqualification from consideration. (not really)

* If using “memorable quotes” as exhibits to meet our eligibility requirements, we ask you provide a minimum of 2 quotes per film purchased. Examples: “Look at you, falling asleep on the side of the road like that, tho. It’s not safe.” and “You wanna see what goes on inside of there? Wanna see what goes on inside?”

If quoting dialogue from multiple characters, please include both quotes, if the memorability of the quote hinges on both the statement and the response.
Miles – “Being a cop’s a hard job.”
Lowes – “Tell me about it.”

Predictable quotes will not be accepted and may result in denial of consideration. Example: “We’re here to protect, are you here to serve?”

Overall, the key requirement for consideration of refund or exchange is the demonstration of comprehension of our films which can only be gained through viewer attentiveness. It should be noted that the majority of online websites selling adult content do not consider refunds or exchanges of any kind for downloaded and viewed digital media.

At Previtus Media, we strive to ensure maximum enjoyment of our films. It is our belief that this can only be achieved via a thorough understanding of our vision. The aforementioned guidelines are designed in the best interest of both our viewers and Previtus Media. They are written in an effort to assure optimal enjoyment of our content and to reflect the endeavors of our producer, which are to secure that our viewers possess a thorough understanding, prior to purchase, that our utilization of this art form – Pornography – deliberately uses non-traditional formatting and sequencing for the sake of dramatic expression. This could be said for both Hate Crime Porno and Smoking Boyz, our reinterpretations of this genre of film. Understanding our vision is integral for full entertainment value. That being said, compliance with what we feel to be fair guidelines for requesting reimbursement in any form is highly appreciated.