I was just told by my advisors that I should personally reach out to fans and give them a friendly status update. I was told I should do this to bring everyone up to speed on the status of our films, maybe announce a target date for our next release, and, if it wasn’t too […]

Black socks, check. Crisp white undershirt, check. Patent leather shoes, check. Nightstick, check. Handcuffs, check. “F**kin A! This one’s my kind of gig,” he croons. The mechanics of escorting, like all facets of life, have been evolving at a high rate of speed. Thanks to the advancements of technology in the age of social media, the modern escort has many opportunities to safely bask in the LCD limelight that yesterday’s escort could only dream about. Into this maelstrom enters Las Vegas’ newest Sir-for-hire, Miles Previtire.

The anticipation was the real aphrodisiac. It had been a year. A year where it felt the whole of the nations across the globe were suffering through an audit; a real shedding of fake value, like fur off a rabbit who makes it to spring. My thoughts were turbulent and my nerves shot, the twenty-four […]

New Year’s in Vegas is a special time. The natives are all tucked awake in bed. Most tourists are still bleary-eyed from “Cowboy Christmas” festivities. Hell, Ronnie Spector couldn’t even make it to her own goddamn holiday spectacular. The gambling and the drinking take on spiritual, almost sacred, purposes. Yes, there’s a sense of a […]

Losing a Hookie award in the year of Rentboy’s untimely death can make one feel like the member of a suicide cult who made it to the end of the jumper’s line – and then couldn’t jump. All reasons aside, the result is the same. You’re left behind and empty-handed. Is a trophy really all […]

miles previtire

Looking back, I remember thinking about sex as early as age eight. Nothing specific, really. Just some vague thoughts involving pussies and dicks. At nine, I knew I liked sexy things and by the age of eleven or twelve, I was fucking a blow-up doll my  brother and I stumbled over in a bedroom in […]