Featuring 2017 Fetish Con Award Nominee James Lowes
Smoking Boyz, porno cut with drano


par·a·digm shift

Noun ​ /ˈpær·əˌdɑɪm/

: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way


Trademark ​ /pre-vi-təs- /

Having come before; previous; broadly : pioneer

Smoking Boyz

Inspired in Vegas by an overabundance of pornographic mediocrity and high-intensity marathon sex, Previtus Media endeavored to find out what would happen, should the two ever mix. Enter the smoking boys, always ready for any occasion – glass dicks in tow.

From living room to bedroom to hotel room, we chronicled the hyperactive underbelly of fast-living from the Strip side of the infamous Cal-vada Speed Trail, always with our lawyer’s phone numbers well-memorized and, of course, plenty of extra tapes.